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Level 4 Course - Sloped Needle and The Dixon Technique is a Better Way to do Cosmetic Tattoo

Dr Linda Dixon has really mastered finding the easy way to work with pigment in skin. Finding the right angle and depth can be hard, not anymore with one needle.

The latest development of implanting pigment into the skin. Easy to find the correct depth in skin to create smooth velvet colour. Causes less trauma and swelling to the epidermis and dermis, reduces pain, holds pigment in longer and give a clear clean blanket of colour. Most popular for working with lips.
The advantages of using sloped needles are that they can line, shade, fill and make the finest hairstroke all in one needle. Available in a 3 slope and 5 slope. All needles go to the same depth at the same time, leaving an even, velvety layer of colour at the same (and desired) depth.  Perfect lips you will not believe with 6 strokes. Eyeliner in 3 minutes. The Sloped Needle, our best tool in the industry.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $2,800 inc GST

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